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  • Mental Disorders and Descriptive Features Associated With PTSD

    People with PSTD may have painful guilt feelings about being able to survive through an horrible event, when others didn’t. They may also have feelings of guilt about what they had to do in order to survive. Phobic avoidance of activities or situations that resemble or represent the initial trauma may hinder social associations and result in divorce, marital conflict or inability to get or keep a job.

    Signs and symptoms that are likely to occur, which are more likely to be caused by an interpersonal stressor (e.g.,physical or childhood sexual abuse, being taken hostage, domestic violence, incarceration like a prisoner of war or perhaps in a concentration camping and torture), are:

    • impaired affect modulation;
    • impulsive behavior;
    • self-destructive behavior;
    • dissociative symptoms;
    • somatic complaints;
    • feelings of shame;
    • hopelessness or permanent feeling of despair;
    • inactivity;
    • complete loss of belief in previously sustained values;
    • social withdrawal;
    • hostility;
    • impaired relationships;
    • feelings of constant threat;
    • changes in the personal characteristics of the individual;


    There might be elevated chance of Panic Attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia, Social Fear, Major Despression Symptoms, Substance-Related Disorders, Impulse Control Disorders and Somatization Disorder.