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No, we don’t need your money! We aren’t going to beg you for donations, this is not Wikipedia©, for crying out loud!

In between today’s web giants it’s getting tougher & tougher for websites to survive. More than 90% of web queries return the same handful of websites that have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend for promotions & press releases. Plenty of nice little websites die off each year since webmasters can’t justify paying the costs associated with running the websites & it’s getting worse, not better.


Believe it or not, sharing is the best way to help a website. It doesn’t take much effort to share something you like on social media platforms, forums etc., post a link on your blog or add it to your blogroll. It may not seem much, but it helps immensely. If nothing else, just knowing that you cared enough to share is a good motivation. Sharing is basically a wonderful, easy & cost free way to support any website you like.