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  • Things You DO NOT Say to the Clinically Depressed!

    I’ve compiled this list once when I was on depression forum. Having the permission of people who participated in getting this list together, I’m posting it here. Hopefully you’ll find it useful.

    • It’s all in your head
    • Cheer up, it can’t be that bad
    • You just need to try to be happy
    • You would be fine if you had more faith
    • Watch the Passion of the Christ, that should fix you
    • Quit feeling sorry for yourself
    • You just need to stay busy
    • Stop letting yourself get upset
    • It could be worse
    • You just need to be stronger.
    • You do not need all those pills
    • Just get over it already
    • Quit bothering x person with your problems
    • If it makes you feel better, ______ has it way worse because….
    • There are people starving and dying of disease in Africa, what right do you have to be depressed?
    • Think about all the things you’re grateful for
    • What’s wroonnnnnnngggg”? with a real contrived, whining tone
    • Can’t you just be happy?
    • You’re doing this for attention.
    • Are you still taking your meds?
    • When is your next pdoc appt?
    • Oh you are depressed? Why are you depressed?
    • Are you still on those happy pills?
    • Go out, have some fun!
    • You have no reason to be depressed. You have so much going for you
    • If you get depressed at things like this, how are you going to cope when real problems come along?
    • Do it! Do it! Go ahead, kill yourself!
    • What do you have to be so depressed about?
    • Cheer up mate.
    • Maybe you should pray a little harder
    • You should just end it all to put us out of our misery!
    • For god’s sake, there was no such thing as depression/stress in my day….
    • Come out with us, we’ll get really drunk that’ll cheer you up!
    • Have you figured out why you’re depressed yet?
    • Your face looks like a slapped arse. A smile costs nothing!
    • Just take a week off work with some prostitutes and coke
    • So I hear you’re on drugs. What’s with that?
    • That’s disappointing to hear
    • Come on – Snap out of it!
    • I was talking to my work supervisor about your depression…
    • You just have to make yourself happy! Go shopping, relax a little, eat something…that’s what I do!
    • Hey, I heard you’ve been signed off work with stress! What’s going on?!
    • Seeing your therapist is just like renting a friend
    • Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill!!!
    • Pull yourself together!
    • Come and <whatever>. You’ll enjoy it once you start!
    • I’m not leaving until you have cheered up
    • You look AWFUL!
    • I grew up the same way you did. If I don’t need medication, then neither do you
    • Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic?
    • We’re praying for your deliverance
    • We all have things in our lives we’re not happy about
    • Depression is a “character flaw”
    • Do you have unconfessed sin in your life?
    • Depression is caused by disobedience
    • Aren’t you better yet?
    • You are “spiritually weak”
    • Stop being so mad at the people who are trying to help you
    • I wish you would stop feeling like the world owes you something